The tale of nine fairies

Once there was a king named Orobik, who had nine daughters, one more beautiful than they had the magic power of Beauty. Many of the principles introduced themselves and asked to marry, but no one was ever deemed worthy. One day, after eight full moon, the eldest daughter disappeared. In the long sought. It was the second night of a full moon and disappeared the second child. After a month it was the turn of the third child. The elders knew that it was the work of Brembothan, or Sombrenuth, or Paladhon, or Alemannoch: the infernal lake monster Gerundo, that no one had ever seen. Then they were abducted fourth, fifth and sixth sister. At the seventh moon they saw the monster come out of the water and dragged into the abyss with his mouth the seventh daughter of the King was decided then to give away in marriage to the principles… but these last two daughters fled, went to the monster, to reach the their sisters. At the tenth full moon they saw the monster prowling desperate in places where he had eaten nine virgins. Racked by grief and regret the monster sank and went back into the bowels of the earth, carrying with it the waters of the lake. To do this, he tore a rib, causing a wound from which managed to escape nine fairies, which, as with the power of beauty, transmuted those wetlands in the most beautiful valley that you ever saw… and they all lived happily ever after.